GoBuyside Provides Top-Notch Talent Recruitment for the Financial World

GoBuyside, a global finance recruitment platform built for the 21st century, specializes in working with hedge funds, private equity firms and publicly traded companies to find and secure the best talent for these firms. GoBuyside’s global network encompasses 10,000 firms, 500 cities and 16 countries across the globe.

They handle all elements of the talent search process within the greater financial and economic arenas. Their proprietary technology ensures that the top candidates are identified and showcased. Accordingly, recruiting starts with a methodical, global and strategic analysis. The results are then combined with deep contacts and relationships within the markets they represent. Importantly, innovation is a key factor in their recruitment model, ensuring that top firms remain competitive by securing the best available expertise.


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Arjun Kapur, a graduate of Johns Hopkins and Stanford Universities, founded GoBuyside. In a recent interview with Interview.net He amplified on GoBuyside’s desire to create winning situations for both its clients and the firm’s discovered candidates. When asked how he got the idea to start this business, he cited his perception that there was a “Noticeable lack of transparency and an abundance of asymmetric information” in the financial recruitment arena. He visualized the “Idea of a tech-enabled platform that could have a competitive advantage over the traditional hiring model”. He indicated that the favorite thing about his role is the collaborative aspect, a quality that permeates his firm’s culture. He recommends “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel as a book that offers stimulating insight to entrepreneurial start-up ventures.