Alex Pall and the Formation of the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers recently sat down with Interview Magazine to talk about his career and some of their newest releases. With hits that have reached the top of the Billboard charts and recognition and fans from around the world, it looks like Alex Pall will be around in the music industry for a long time. While growing up, Alex Pall DJed at various events and venues around the New York City area. On his own, he managed to gather quite a following but his life was changed after his manager introduced Alex Pall to Drew Taggart who quickly became the second member of the Chainsmokers.

When Alex Pall was introduced to Taggart, he was employed at an art gallery in New York City and DJing was more of a side job to him than a career. It was truly his passion though and he wanted to pursue it. After meeting with Alex Pall, Drew Taggart made the decision to relocate from Maine and the Chainsmokers as we know them now were born. Within 24 hours, Alex Pall and Taggart were already working together to write and produce songs. They realized that their musical and personal styles complimented each other in a great way. They could see what the other could offer to their music and their driven attitudes helped Alex Pall and Drew Taggart succeed. The pair knew they wanted to make it in the music industry and they were willing to put the work into it to achieve their goal.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart began working with each other every day to discover and create their musical identity as the Chainsmokers. While they may not have wanted to treat it like a job, the two had a lot to do to become the Billboard-topping EDM group that they are today. While the Chainsmokers may pay Alex Pall’s bills, it means a lot more to him than that and he enjoys being able to make an impact on his fans.