OSI Industries: Growth path

OSI Industries is the largest food production company in the world. This company operates in 17 countries in different continents. The growth of the food business is something that is at the core of all the plans that this company has had for the longest time, the target has always been to sell their food products to as many people as possible, and that is why the company seems to have gone a notch higher in maintaining growth.

Over the past few decades, this company has pushed its business operations to different countries. The company has been doing very well in maintaining a good relationship with the customers. It recognizes that the customer is the backbone of the company and that without them, the chances are that there is nothing that will happen as far as growth is concerned.

OSI has been in business for the past 100 years. During this time, the company has grown from a butcher shop into a leading food business globally. It has taken the hand of dedicated leaders such as Sheldon Lavin and Otto Kolschowsky to get the business running through this period. Kolschowsky was the founder of the business in 1909. He steered the business until it became a regional supplier of meat products. He left the company in the hand of his sons- Harry and Arthur- who also did a great job of building the company.

Harry and Arthur are the ones who conceived the deal between OSI Industries (then Otto & Sons) and the McDonald’s. They were good friends with Ray Kroc, the then managing director of the McDonald’s restaurants. He gave them a deal where Otto & Sons would supply meat products to all restaurants owned by OSI.

This deal opened the doors of success in this company. A lot started to happen as far as growth is concerned. The company got so much business from the McDonald’s such that they were forced to break up their business into two. Otto & Sons became the supplier to the McDonald’s. The business handled nothing else apart from the supplies to the McDonald’s. They were even forced to build a plant that would deal with food production for the McDonald’s.

The success of OSI Industries is tied to the growth of the McDonald’s. Although the situation is no longer the same, the pact between these two helped OSI in its initial stages of growth. It was able to pick momentum into becoming the company it is today.