Securus Technologies Completes 18-month Drone Detection Testing

Dallas-based Securus Technologies announced in early 2018 that they have completed an 18-month drone detection pilot program. The pilot program was deemed a success and the company will continue to fine-tune the technology that will assist the law enforcement and corrections communities.


Over the past several years corrections officials have seen a large increase of contraband being introduced to their facilities by pilotless drones. As criminals are becoming more technologically savvy, prison officials are fighting back with technology of their own. The drone detection technology uses the DAS (Digital Antenna Structure) already in place with the company’s Wireless Containment Solution.


Securus Technologies has been in the news in recent weeks for their outstanding customer service. In February of 2018 the company received three Stevie Awards at the annual awards show held in Las Vegas. The Stevie awards are the world’s top honors for sales and customer service. Securus operates a state-of-the-art call center that employees around 300 employees.


Securus Technologies is a holding company that wholly owns over 20 technology-based companies that provide services to corrections facilities and government agencies in North America. They serve over 3,500 agencies and over 1.2 million inmates. Services provided include incident management, parolee tracking, payment processing, biometric services, phone and email self-service, and others. The company was founded in 1986 by a former law enforcement officer and is dedicated to making the world a safer place to live.


Enhancing Communication Inside Prisons Through Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is always looking at the future. They are the leading provider of communication facilities inside prisons. I am sure that any other company would be very happy and relieved after reaching such a level. But Securus Technologies is not such a company. They are keen for something more.


As per Securus Technologies, once any inmate gets booked into a prison or jail, it would be possible for that person to use their device or the device provided by Securus Technologies in order to communicate with approved individuals. This will be done through voice, video, or even text or email messages that will be secure and clear. It will be managed through instant funding of their accounts.


In order to make it possible as well as efficient, Securus Technologies has provided a centralized platform. In addition, they are providing a low per minute rate. In this way, it will be a highly affordable option for the inmates, as well as their families. Hence all the inmates can make use of this communications facility and be in touch with their loved ones.


Securus Technologies is also providing access to such databases that can provide opportunities for education, jobs, as well as books and songs too. In this way, the entertainment aspect is also taken care of. After all, the mental health of the inmates is very important and requires proper care. Securus Technologies realizes this and provides them accordingly. Next, this online platform would provide them medical attention and legal resources, along with bail bondsmen, as well as commissary too. All these are things that any inmate would need. In addition, they would like to get quality service in a timely manner. Securus Technologies provides them all this accordingly. In this way, Securus Technologies has managed to take communication to a new level altogether.


Securus prevents crime, saves families thousands through video visitation

Having a loved one convicted of a serious crime and sentenced to a long term of incarceration can be an incredibly difficult and stressful event. But for many families, things get even worse when they realize that their loved one will be housed hundreds of miles from their own home. This can make it difficult or even impossible to visit their loved one while they’re incarcerated. The inability to stay in touch with family members can make a difficult life circumstance all the more tough for newly incarcerated inmates.


Securus Technologies’ video visitation software is making it possible for inmates to stay in touch with family members through face-to-face meetings without actually having to go through the in-person visitation process. This not only allows inmates to do their time with a higher level of hope than would otherwise be possible, it also allows for families to save thousands of dollars on expenses that they would otherwise be required to pay in order to make it to the institution where their loved ones are housed. Oftentimes, these families are the ones who are least able to afford such exorbitant expenses.


But with Securus’ video visitation software, family members are able to stay in contact with their incarcerated loved ones for as little as $0.10 per minute. With high-quality, face-to-face communications over a high-definition screen, this system is capable of virtually replacing the in-person visitation that oftentimes cost family members hundreds of dollars each trip to attend.


Video visitation is also a technology that is capable of significantly enhancing the safety of prisons throughout the country. With the ability to monitor every single conversation that takes place over prison communication devices, Securus’ telecommunication solutions are also able to gather evidence for use against people carrying out criminal activity within the prison itself.