Betsy DeVos Calls for Change on Campus in Sweeping Analysis of Educational System

Betsy DeVos is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting picks that Donald Trump has made during the assembling of his administration. DeVos, a prominent philanthropist, and school-choice advocate, was brought into Washington D.C. in order to head the Department of Education while operating as the Secretary of Education. DeVos has had her ups and downs so far during the early portion of her career in Washington D.C. but now she is starting to really define herself and shine on a variety of different topics in a variety of different ways. Most recently, DeVos took center stage in an analysis and deconstruction of two problems plaguing American school campuses: gun violence and censorship.


Betsy DeVos sided with prominent Democratic members of Congress when they decided to call for a sincere and honest discussion surrounding gun control after 17 children were shot and killed at a school in Florida. The shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School which is located in Parkland, FL. The tragedy immediately sparked a discussion surrounding what is going on in education, why guns and mass shooting seems to be so prevalent in the school system, and what can be done to try and change the future.


Using her pulpit, Betsy DeVos took center stage in order to prompt a real discussion during an interview with Hugh Hewitt on a conservative radio station. DeVos pointed to Congress saying that they need to act and hold hearings in order to address the mass shooting issue. DeVos went on to say, “We need to have a conversation at the level where lawmakers can actually impact the future.” This is a remarkable departure from traditional conservativism but it is one that is being heralded by both sides of the party divide. While change isn’t likely going to come in the near future, it’s great to see that DeVos is being proactive in trying to get something done.


On the other major issue surrounding the educational system, DeVos has decided to stand up against censorship going on within college campuses throughout the country. DeVos went on to say that she believes higher education should be an environment that is open to all ideas and opinions. DeVos is, of course, talking about how recent conservatives have been shunned or protested at college campuses around the country.


The reason that Betsy DeVos has been so active in the educational field throughout her life, before becoming the Secretary of Education, is that she has been passionate about changing how American’s approach their education. DeVos rose to fame in Michigan as a prominent Republican and devout activist for school choice. DeVos believes that the government should be limited in their intervention in the school system, thus leaving more power to the adults in charge of their children. DeVos also believes that religious institutions and secular institutions should also be treated to the same standards. Betsy DeVos is gaining fans around the conservative sphere for her forward thinking approach to education in America.


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How Orange Coast College Investing In Saving the Environment

Founded in 1948, the Orange Coast College is squarely located near the beaches of South California. It has grown to be one of the best community colleges managing to enroll more than 25000 students a year. It offers more than 135 career programs with more than half of the graduates getting enrolled in the college’s education programs.


The college has over the past 60 years been supporting athletes, mainly by holding championships. Its baseball team is called Pirates where it has scooped trophies in Pepsi cup from 2007 straight up to 2010.


The Orange Coast College recently established a recycling facility that is larger than its predecessor, costing over $7 million. The best part came when they opened it to the public. The staff members celebrated the finishing of the project by cutting a ribbon at the front of every recycling center. Although the college was using a smaller facility, it has been offering the recycling services for over four decades. The first Centre which came together with a parking lot is five times lower than the new Centre.


With time, people from the Southern California have started to travel to this recycling centre where they drop various kinds of unwanted refuse for recycling processes. The materials accepted here include glass containers, aluminum cans, and tins. Scrap metals, papers, and plastic bottles have also gained a recycling platform here ( The documents get sorted out all the way from cardboards to magazines. Electronics are also dropped at the Centre. This means that the old and damaged computers, fax machines and even batteries are dumped here. The Centre is charged with the duty of disposing of them well as they contain mercury and lead which are toxic.


The staff also pays the visitors for some of the materials. For instance, the cost of plastics per pound is 56 cents. The glass, plastics, and aluminum tins are paid for on pound basis. The people that bring the beverage bottles also receive payment by California Redemption Value. With time, the Centre opened its arms to old clothes and cooking oils. However, substances like paint and engine oils and objects like old furniture, car batteries and boat batteries are discouraged.