Waiakea Bottled Water: Healthy and Sustainable

The Waiakea bottled water company is taking water in a new direction. Committed to sustainability, charity, and health, this Hawaiian company is making a difference. Their business is Certified Carbon Neutral, meaning it does not contribute greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere, thanks to their use of low-emission vehicles to transport their product. They also use 100% recycled plastic to construct their bottles, and these bottles degrade in nature in just 15 years, as opposed to the 1,000 years that conventional plastic bottles require.

The company’s commitment to charity means that they donate about 3% of profits to community programs and local non-profit organizations. Not only that; they also donate 650 liters of water to those in need for every liter sold, about a week’s worth of water. Waiakea accomplishes this noteworthy feat through collaboration with the charitable organization PumpAid.

The water itself is unique as well. The name of the company, “wai akea”, translates to “broad waters”, pointing back to the company’s Hawaiian roots. The water filters through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock belonging to the Mauna Loa volcano. The result is that Waiakea water pH naturally remains at 8.8, a characteristic that has been found to help reduce issues such as acid reflux. Waiakea water benefits include a rich combination of minerals and electrolytes, providing necessary nutrients. These include magnesium, necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses, calcium, essential for strong bones, and potassium, which helps with the breakdown of carbohydrates and amino acids. Incredibly, this Hawaiian volcanic water also provides the recommended daily value amount of silica. Consuming a sufficient amount of silica has been shown to reduce the occurrence of Alzheimer’s by 11%.

Waiakea water is clearly one-of-a-kind. As the most award-winning bottled water company in the U.S., it is uniquely situated to have an impact on the future of sustainable and health products. With its commitment to having an all-around positive impact, this volcanic water has the ability to delight environmentalists and bottled water enthusiasts alike.