Learn about the brain behind Fortress Investment, Peter Briger

Many entrepreneurs start their journey with the hope of achieving success in their business. Unfortunately, not all manage to achieve the success they went. Some end up failing because they do not follow the necessary measures that can make them achieve success. Peter Briger is different because his career has been successful to this day. The chairman of Fortress Investment Group has contributed a lot to the growth of the company, and he is in charge of the credit and real estate sector. Fortress Investment Group is an organization that has been there for over a decade, and it has come from a humble beginning. When it started, it was a private equity firm, but today it has become public and expanded to become a global firm.

Peter Briger went to Princeton University and received a Bachelor degree in Arts. He also went on to further his education at the Wharton Business School where he attained an MBA. Even after learning and acquiring the knowledge that could help him succeed, he worked hard, and that is where he is successful today. It is the experience he gained through working at an international company, Goldman Sachs that he managed to join other great professionals at Fortress Investment Group. At Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger engaged in various activities like being in Japan executive committee, Asian Management, and Global Control. While at this company Peter was involved in trading, real estate and, loans and debt vehicles.

After working at Goldman Sachs for more than ten years, Peter had acquired the right experience that could enable him to work for large organizations. That is when he decided he wanted to work with other financial gurus like Wes Edens and Randal Nardone. He joined the company in 2002, and since then he has contributed a lot to the growth of the company. The firm today managed assets worth billions of dollars and it has even expanded to become a global company. Peter Briger has played a crucial role in ensuring that the company attracts customers from around the world. Peter has achieved success as an entrepreneur, but he is always happy and ready to help others.

GoBuyside Provides Top-Notch Talent Recruitment for the Financial World

GoBuyside, a global finance recruitment platform built for the 21st century, specializes in working with hedge funds, private equity firms and publicly traded companies to find and secure the best talent for these firms. GoBuyside’s global network encompasses 10,000 firms, 500 cities and 16 countries across the globe.

They handle all elements of the talent search process within the greater financial and economic arenas. Their proprietary technology ensures that the top candidates are identified and showcased. Accordingly, recruiting starts with a methodical, global and strategic analysis. The results are then combined with deep contacts and relationships within the markets they represent. Importantly, innovation is a key factor in their recruitment model, ensuring that top firms remain competitive by securing the best available expertise.


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Arjun Kapur, a graduate of Johns Hopkins and Stanford Universities, founded GoBuyside. In a recent interview with Interview.net He amplified on GoBuyside’s desire to create winning situations for both its clients and the firm’s discovered candidates. When asked how he got the idea to start this business, he cited his perception that there was a “Noticeable lack of transparency and an abundance of asymmetric information” in the financial recruitment arena. He visualized the “Idea of a tech-enabled platform that could have a competitive advantage over the traditional hiring model”. He indicated that the favorite thing about his role is the collaborative aspect, a quality that permeates his firm’s culture. He recommends “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel as a book that offers stimulating insight to entrepreneurial start-up ventures.

Should You Invest In Freedom Checks

Retirement planning requires saving. Most people start preparing for this years before they actually retire. Some experts say that planning for retirement may in fact need to start at least one or two decades before retirement time comes. Retirement planning is usually done by portioning off a part of one’s paycheck. When people put money into their 401k it is usually enough stored up that will last them through retirement. Additionally, Americans will sometimes count on Social Security to help them through retirement.

Matt Badiali, a financial analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing, is an avid supporter of Freedom Checks. He has written articles for Banyan Hill Publishing to speak on the great benefits that these checks can offer people preparing for retirement, as well as other investors. Americans are establishing their wealth with this investment opportunity. These checks take advantage of a tax law that allows investors to earn extremely high returns on investments that have even better tax benefits from the government.

Matt Badiali helps investors leverage amazing returns and tax benefits from Freedom Checks. Investors receive these checks from government agencies either monthly or quarterly. These checks are great investment ideas for those approaching retirement. Some investors have receive five figure and six figure checks. They allow for investors to create wealth passively. This is a better alterative to retirement than hoping that the money in a 401k account is enough to support them through retirement.

Freedom Checks sound so good, some people wonder if they are too good to be true. No need to worry. These checks are completely legal and the companies issuing out the checks are regulated by the government. In 1987, the government passed legislation that allowed for master limited partnership companies to get tax breaks if they give out at least ninety percent of their revenue to shareholders. These companies work in the transportation, storing and producing of natural resources. The tax laws that allow for companies to pay very little taxes on this type of revenue has existed for thirty years. Freedom Checks allow for investors to receive returns free of income tax.

What role does Sheldon Lavin play at OSI Group?

Sheldon Lavin is a former banking executive and investment manager. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. In the past few decades, he has taken this company on a path that has been full of successes. Since the company was established, there has never been a better time for it as when Sheldon joined its ranks of leadership. He is now one of the people who has made a passionate attempt of leading growth as well as making sure that everything that is happening in the industry is being done in accordance with the environmental laws. Sheldon has embraced the use of green technologies as one way of making the company more complaint to environmental laws.

OSI Group is a company that has a long history. It was created at the beginning of the past century. In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant established a butcher shop in Chicago, and it developed over the years to become OSI Group. The company today has a vast customer base in 17 countries. It has employed over 20,000 workers, and it is doing much more in innovations. It is creating new avenues of doing things which will lead to bigger growth in the foods industry. The company is now ranked as one of the top companies in the United States by the Forbes. Credit for such achievements goes to Sheldon Lavin and his team who have worked tirelessly to see the company rise to such heights.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in 1975. After entering this company, he embarked on making changes that would make the company competitive for a long time. At the time, they only had one client- McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin started a journey of taking the company on a different path where it would gain independence and stop being over-reliant on one client. He supervised the international expansion of the company starting in the 1980’s to see that the company became the global giant that he wanted it to be.

When Sheldon Lavin joined OSI, it had two other partners, who were the sons of the founder. But with time, they went away leaving him as the only director in the company. He had 100 percent control over its operations, and this is something that has led to further growth of the company since the turn of the millennium. He is now able to implement changes without facing objection from any quarters.


Waiakea Bottled Water: Healthy and Sustainable

The Waiakea bottled water company is taking water in a new direction. Committed to sustainability, charity, and health, this Hawaiian company is making a difference. Their business is Certified Carbon Neutral, meaning it does not contribute greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere, thanks to their use of low-emission vehicles to transport their product. They also use 100% recycled plastic to construct their bottles, and these bottles degrade in nature in just 15 years, as opposed to the 1,000 years that conventional plastic bottles require.

The company’s commitment to charity means that they donate about 3% of profits to community programs and local non-profit organizations. Not only that; they also donate 650 liters of water to those in need for every liter sold, about a week’s worth of water. Waiakea accomplishes this noteworthy feat through collaboration with the charitable organization PumpAid.

The water itself is unique as well. The name of the company, “wai akea”, translates to “broad waters”, pointing back to the company’s Hawaiian roots. The water filters through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock belonging to the Mauna Loa volcano. The result is that Waiakea water pH naturally remains at 8.8, a characteristic that has been found to help reduce issues such as acid reflux. Waiakea water benefits include a rich combination of minerals and electrolytes, providing necessary nutrients. These include magnesium, necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses, calcium, essential for strong bones, and potassium, which helps with the breakdown of carbohydrates and amino acids. Incredibly, this Hawaiian volcanic water also provides the recommended daily value amount of silica. Consuming a sufficient amount of silica has been shown to reduce the occurrence of Alzheimer’s by 11%.

Waiakea water is clearly one-of-a-kind. As the most award-winning bottled water company in the U.S., it is uniquely situated to have an impact on the future of sustainable and health products. With its commitment to having an all-around positive impact, this volcanic water has the ability to delight environmentalists and bottled water enthusiasts alike.


The Amazing Journey of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus shaped the tourism industry in Brazil since 1972. He was 24 when he stepped into his first venture which is a tour operator called CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens or just CVC, as a co-founder. His partner, Carlos Vincente Cerchiari was a Brazilian politician who left the company after 4 years of its existence. See more of Guilherme Paulus on facebook.

His leadership skills led CVC to a whole new level and currently it is the largest functioning tour operator in the whole of Latin America. He later sold his business for an astronomical figure close to $750 million. Paulus’s ambitions never faded away over the years. Guilherme Paulus kept on pursuing his desires and in 2005, he inaugurated GJP hotels and Resorts. The firm has 15 hotels under it with ideas to come up with hotels near airports. Currently, he is the Chairman of GJP group. His is involved in the tourism industry for almost 5 decades. His idea for providing contemporary packages is one of the main reasons for CVC’s early success. The revenue CVC generates every year is $5.2 billion. His skills as an entrepreneur were evident as he gambled his money to acquire Webjet, a very small-scale airline with only one aircraft for operations. In 2011, Webjet was declared as the 3rd largest airline in Brazil.

Before Guilherme Paulus started his journey in the tourism industry, he worked as an intern for IBM where he demonstrated entrepreneurial skills, at the age of 20. He is a philanthropist and takes social accountability seriously. He has aided various organization out of which the PIET project is worth mentioning. The PIET project concentrates on providing educational scope to youngsters who cannot afford education and want to be a part of the tourism industry. He was officially elected as Entrepreneur of the year 2017 as he spent $600 million of his own money in building hotels all over Brazil, and the rapid growth led to the employment of approximately 2000 people.

The influence Guilherme Paulus and CVC made on the rest of the world is astonishing. They have partners involved in the fields of tourism, hotels, and airlines. He was recognized as a key person in the development of the tourism industry of France. He believes in giving back to the society, that once, gave him so much support to make his dreams come true.

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William Saito: Tips to Tech Entrepreneurs

When William Saito was in grade school, he was already learning to program computers. Then he finished high school after only three years, which allowed him to start college early. So, it figures that he would one day be CEO of a tech company which he ran out of his college dorm. That’s Mr. Saito’s story according to his book, “ An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.”


The book gives a full account of the challenges faced by this brilliant tech entrepreneur who was able to create a company from scratch and sell it to Microsoft. The lessons he learned during those days going back to the 1980’s is what Saito wants to share with the tech entrepreneurs of today.


The principles which he followed are straightforward. For instance, young William built his business around his natural curiosity. From an early age, the young son of Japanese immigrants loved to tinker with things. Eventually, he found himself dismantling computer programs. That is how he developed a profound understanding of how a computer could be encrypted and made more secure. His company I/O, Inc. was a computer encryption company.


Mr. Saito gives the example of how you can’t do it alone. He relied on the help of his friends to create the impression that I/O was a much more significant operation than it was. Without their assistance NEC, one of his early customers might have written him off. Sometimes in tech, you have to fake it until you make it. Even if you are starting out in your garage or basement remember to project a can-do image to your customers.

William Saito seemed never to doubt his ability to succeed. He suggests that the reason for this may be cultural. In the West, there is a tendency to look at failure as a stepping stone to success. In Japanese culture failure is unacceptable. According to Mr. Saito, in Asian culture, you will do whatever it takes not to fail. Tech entrepreneurs may want to push themselves a little harder. It could make all the difference.


Finally, Mr. Saito understands that you need a capable partner. Sometimes all you may have is a million dollar idea. Without input from a reliable partner like Sony, I/O would have never become what it grew to be. The rest is history as they say.




Guilherme Paulus is One of the Largest Businessmen in the Tourism Industry

Businessman Guilherme Paulus is the founding of CVC. CVC is a publicly held operator and travel agency made up of a team of marketing executives. Paulus has played a crucial role in the company since its birth in 1972. At the time the businessman was an unproven entrepreneur with basically no experience. Back then CVC was just a small local travel agency based in Sao Paulo. Now, nearly half a century later it is considered the largest travel operator in Latin america. Not to mention, it is also Brazil’s largest retail tourism network. The success of CVC acts as a shining example of Guilherme Paulus’ outstanding business acumen.

Guilherme Paulus has built a very reputable reputation for himself in the tourism industry. He has spent the majority of his life working in the industry and possesses a degree in Business Administration. His innovation as a leader is a key reason CVC evolved into the corporate entity it is. His unique approach to running the company broke the mold of traditional travel packages. Because of his innovation and approach CVC has the widest portfolio of products on the market currently. Visit abramark.com to find out more.

Feeling as though the company had become stagnant Guilherme Paulus decided that in order for the company to continue to grow it needed the support of a global investment fund. It 2009 CVC was sold to the Carlyle Group. The decision has proved to be a very lucrative one. Just 4 years later it was announced that CVC had revenues of over $5 billion annually.

Guilherme Paulus has been the recipient of many accolades throughout his career. He has been honored by the French Government as well as other international governments. He has been one of the prominent figures in promoting tourism in France. He has served on the National Tourism Council for well over a decade.

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Louis Chenevert in his career

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert is an influential person in the management of businesses in In Canada and America. His story of success is inspiring and one of those that influence young entrepreneurs to grow up knowing what to do in the course of growing their career. Louis Chenevert has moved from a very humble beginning to become a vital player in the business industry. He has been a production manager at the General Motors and the CEO of one of the largest conglomerate businesses in the world known as United Technologies Corporation. This is a company that has multi-billion companies under its management. To be the overall head of such a business is never an easy thing. One needs to have a spotless track record of assisting other businesses to grow in the past.

Louis Chenevert was born in Quebec in 1958 in a humble family that taught him about the value of working hard and becoming a teat person in future. He learned the value of hard work at a very young age and even as he joined the university, he knew what he wanted to be. He was interested in business and entrepreneurship, and that is why he took a course in production management at HEC Montreal School of Business.

As a production manager, his work is to help businesses come with production methods that will enhance business. High-quality products, efficiency in production, the volume of production, cost of production are some of the factors that fall in his area of expertise. He ensures that the cost of production is minimized as much as possible so that companies can realize better profits. While working for various establishments, this is something that he has clearly proved to understand. He has helped UTC realize profits after the financial crisis of 2008. He took over the mandate of leading the firm in 2008 at the height of the crisis. Despite the challenges, he still made huge gains for the firm.

Louis Chenevert proved that what matters in business is having the right skills and mindset to lead a business amidst external challenges. His term in office as the CEO of UTC remains of the best in the history of the company.


Flávio Maluf Explains Business Between Eucatex And Duratex Involving Factory InBotucatu

Botucatu is a moderately-sized city in Brazil, and one of the major employers in the area would be the raw material plant Duratex. This plant actually has 280 employees, and they also recently announced a deal with sister company Eucatex in order to reopen a factory in the neighboring town of Itapetinga.This reopening was slated to occur in April of this year.

The current Duratex business is a highly lucrative one, currently valued at R $ 60 Million. This new base of operations will increase the company’s production of fibreboard and will also significantly increase the total value of the company.

Flavio Maluf is the President of Eucatex, and he was proud to announce this deal. yes you done note in Botucatu to all of the workers and the leaders informing them of this new company merger. Maluf also told the employees that the only thing that was holding up the deal was the fact they were awaiting approval from the CADE agency. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

To say that he is excited about the deal would be an understatement. He noted how the merger will increase the company production of these materials by 70%. They will have an extra 30% of the paint capacity and they will be able increase their paper printing prowess by 40%.

Flavio Maluf also sent a note to his employees where he explained the deal in a bit more detail. He said that they will be able to process their sales much better and cover for losses in a more effective manner as well. Moreover, he felt this company merger would help them broaden their presence in more areas than just in Brazil.

About Flavio Maluf

As a Brazilian businessman, Flavio Maluf realizes both the perks and the downsides of being an entrepreneur. He realizes that owning your own business is an attractive consideration for most people, but he also realizes it is by no means a bed of roses either. He realizes that it can take a certain degree of financial planning in order to run a business, and he also realizes that entrepreneur have to be smart enough to realize if the risk they are taking is worth it or not. Of course, if it is worth it, they stand to make a considerable amount of money and provide jobs to hundreds, or even thousands, of new employees. Visit: https://pt-br.facebook.com/public/Flavio-Maluf