Tony Petrello- Performance At Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello has been instrumental in running the operations of Nabors Industries. As the CEO of the company, he has led the company with great determination and commitment which have seen it move from a medium-sized company to be the largest oil and natural gas drilling company in the world. The contribution of Petrello in the management of this business is something that has not only brought a difference in the company but to the whole oil and drilling gas industry. Tony Petrello is someone who is looking for opportunities to make the industry better by coming up with innovative methods of drilling.

Tony Petrello joined the oil and natural gas drilling company in the early 1990s. He was first hired as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. He would later become the president and serve until 2011 when he was appointed CEO and chairman of the executive board committee. His role in the development of the company and the industry have been made possible by the fact that he believes in hard work. Tony Petrello is also gifted in the ability to solve problems. When challenged, he always comes up with brilliant business ideas which promote growth in the company.

Before he joined Nabors industries, Tony Petrello was a lawyer. He had an opportunity to serve as a business lawyer even for Nabors Industries. It is his brilliance in handling problems which attracted the management of the company then to him. They saw the potential in him and offered him a job as the Chief Operating Officer. Petrello is not new to problems solving, even in his undergraduate and masters programs, he did mathematics. This is a field that also needed a lot of creative thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Petrello as a lawyer and mathematician are two careers which have influenced the way he approaches challenges.

Since he took over as COO at Nabors, he has made some impressive contributions to the growth of the company. He is the one who advised the management to pass the acquisition of smaller firms in the oil industry in order to fast track business expansion. He also worked on improving services delivery by ensuring that workers in the company were motivated to do their work. One thing about Tony Petrello is that he is close to his workers. He ensures that they have the right working environment for them to be productive, he also ensures that all his workers are aware of the objectives of the firm so that they can all work towards the same target.

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Karl Heideck Analyzes Latest Wells Fargo Lawsuit

Karl Heideck is a skilled, experienced litigation attorney in Pennsylvania. He maintains his law firm in Philadelphia. Heideck has been practicing law for over a decade. With this in mind, Heideck recently provided his insights into a recently filed lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by the city of Philadelphia against one of the nation’s largest banks, Wells Fargo.

The lawsuit alleges that Wells Fargo is engaging in a practice that historically was called red-lining. Specifically, according to the city of Philadelphia, Wells Fargo has made it a practice to direct a notable number of minority home loan applicants into riskier, high-interest loans. This is being done even though these bank customers are otherwise credit-qualified for lower-interest and associated lower-risk mortgages.

According to attorney Heideck, redlining began in the 1930s. The practice of redlining at that time involved the practice of a bank in drawing a red line around certain neighborhoods. The bank would not lend money to people purchasing homes in those neighborhoods. Invariably, these were neighborhoods with large populations of minorities, more often than not African Americans.

The current lawsuit is only the latest development in a growing line of negative situations associated with Wells Fargo. The bank has yet to rebound from last year’s scandal in which bank employees set up a huge number of fake bank accounts, using real information from customers. The employees did this so that it would appear that they had satisfied their sales goals.

Heideck is a graduate of the highly-respected Temple University School of Law. Before attending school at Temple Law School, Heideck obtained an undergraduate degree in English language and literature from Swarthmore College.

In addition to being a respected litigation lawyer, Karl Heideck also represents clients in regard to products liability, employment, business, regulatory compliance, and risk management issues. He also is known for his strong background in legal research and writing, highly important to an attorney.