Learn about the brain behind Fortress Investment, Peter Briger

Many entrepreneurs start their journey with the hope of achieving success in their business. Unfortunately, not all manage to achieve the success they went. Some end up failing because they do not follow the necessary measures that can make them achieve success. Peter Briger is different because his career has been successful to this day. The chairman of Fortress Investment Group has contributed a lot to the growth of the company, and he is in charge of the credit and real estate sector. Fortress Investment Group is an organization that has been there for over a decade, and it has come from a humble beginning. When it started, it was a private equity firm, but today it has become public and expanded to become a global firm.

Peter Briger went to Princeton University and received a Bachelor degree in Arts. He also went on to further his education at the Wharton Business School where he attained an MBA. Even after learning and acquiring the knowledge that could help him succeed, he worked hard, and that is where he is successful today. It is the experience he gained through working at an international company, Goldman Sachs that he managed to join other great professionals at Fortress Investment Group. At Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger engaged in various activities like being in Japan executive committee, Asian Management, and Global Control. While at this company Peter was involved in trading, real estate and, loans and debt vehicles.

After working at Goldman Sachs for more than ten years, Peter had acquired the right experience that could enable him to work for large organizations. That is when he decided he wanted to work with other financial gurus like Wes Edens and Randal Nardone. He joined the company in 2002, and since then he has contributed a lot to the growth of the company. The firm today managed assets worth billions of dollars and it has even expanded to become a global company. Peter Briger has played a crucial role in ensuring that the company attracts customers from around the world. Peter has achieved success as an entrepreneur, but he is always happy and ready to help others.

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