Entrepreneur Dick Devos

Did you know that Dick Devos has joined his wife Betsy Devos, the US Education Secretary, in Washington? Dick Devos, once the CEO and president of Amway, has been working the political circuit for a few years now. He once ran for governor of Michigan, and he has always been supportive of his wife. The US Education Secretary has been sweeping the nation in order to sponsor new growth for educational reform programs. However, it is Devos who has been working with the FAA each month. Will he eventually join the FAA? Time will tell what Devos is working on completely, but for now, he has been working with the FAA on new budgets, policies, recommendations for growth, and regulations.


In addition to Devos, there are 12 other members on the council who come from all kinds of backgrounds, such as transportation authorities and airline executives. Devos is neither of these things but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a legend in the airline industry. For the past 20 years, he has steadily helped the airlines at Gerald R. Ford International Airport sustain new growth and explode with ticket sales.


While Gerald R. Ford International airport has been around since the early 1900s, it wasn’t until the airport started talking to Devos had it made any real money in years. The airport was unable to update itself, leaving passengers stranded if they wanted to go on certain flights to destinations that weren’t carried. Devos began to talk to the Air Tran Airways CEO in order to make sure that new flights were available for passengers. He talked to the Air Tran CEO once, before the executive opened four new destinations including Orlando, Denver, Las Vegas, and St. Louis.


It was this action that allowed the business executive to start working with more airlines at the airport, wanting to make sure that the airport would expand throughout the next decade. It was these actions that would come to define his career and help him create new business partnerships in Grand Rapids as well. While Devos has always been a smart business leader, he has been trying to get into politics since the 2000s. He even ran for governor in Michigan in 2006. Now he looks to join the FAA and follow his true passion for aviation.


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