Jason Hope Is An Arizona Entrepreneur and A Philanthropist Who Wants To See Chronic Diseases Permanently Eradicated.

For Arizona resident and entrepreneur, Jason Hope, he believes in the donating money to potentially ending chronic diseases like Diabetes and Alzheimers. Indeed, he is a big donator and supporter of SNES or Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescience Research Foundation. SENS was created in 2009 by Aubrey de Grey, Michael Kope, Sarah Marr, Jeff Hall as well as Kevin Perrott. Jason Hope provided $500 thousand to SNES. Because of Hope’s sizeable financial gift, SNES was able to expand into a new research facility at Cambridge University. Read this article at Daily Forex Report

SENS touts a revolutionary medical method that they conceived called the “SENS approach.” This approach targets the repairing the living cells of the human body. And it will ultimately prevent aging. SENS targets the cause of disease by fixating their research on the cell level or the mitochondrial DNA.

Indeed, Jason Hope may not be a name that is dropped often in conversation when discussing the names of CIOs and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or even first-movers in artificial intelligence or virtual reality, but Hope is someone who believes in IoT (Internet of Things) and many other technologies. Moreover, Mr. Hope is a big supporter of technology and has become wealthy because of it. Hope is believing quite strongly that SNES can redefine the pharmaceutical, industrial, and healthcare industries based on their cutting-edge research.

Regarding the other philanthropic efforts, Mr. Hope has a personal website, which he includes a section about for high school seniors and also college students who want to submit a good idea for money. Jason Hope states on his website that he reviews submissions, and then he picks those technology-based ideas that he feels are the most exceptional. Hope gives anywhere from $500 to $5 thousand for these groups to use that money to make good on their many impressive ideas.

Jason Hope earned his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University (ASU) in finance. Hope also gained quite a fortune with some of his Internet marketing companies that he hatched after graduating from business school.

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