Dr. Dov Rand: Treating Ailments of Aging With Specific Success in ED

Dr. Dov Rand is making waves in the medical community with his new approach to an issue as old as time: erectile dysfunction. More common than some may think, erectile dysfunction affects approximately half of all men at some point in their lives. Extensive research and new techniques have allowed Dr. Dov Rand to help individuals who previously were unsuccessful in being treated previously.


Causes of erectile dysfunction vary widely in terms of their onset, but as a general rule the issue most frequently comes around to the vascular system. This is actually a positive thing for men who are affected in this manner, as there are many things that can be done to assist in the improvement of the vascular system.


One of the most straightforward approaches to improving vascular health begins with an initiation of or an increase in cardiovascular exercise such as swimming, biking, jogging, or dancing that maintains an elevated heart rate. Dr. Dov Rand is careful to take his time getting to know each of his patients through a thorough office visit so that he is able to best recommend in what order to begin treatment.


Medication is often helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as well. While Dr. Rand clearly acknowledges that these medications often do not correct the underlying problem, he does see the value in utilizing them to correct the issue while continuing to press into alleviating the underlying problem whenever possible.


Dr. Dov Rand is involved in far more than libido issues, though his successes in that department can certainly not be overlooked. His expertise in working with the aging led him to open his own Healthy Aging Medical Centers where a wide variety of items associated with aging are dealt with in an open, honest, and dignified manner. Instead of merely providing the aging with a quick in and out office visit and numerous pills for each of their various conditions, Dr. Dov Rand takes a more holistic approach. His methods include the utilization of diet and exercise, physical therapy and hormone adjustments.


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