Igor Cornelsen’s Name Carries A Lot Of Weight In The Finance Industry

Igor Cornelsen’s name carries a lot of weight in the finance industry. He is an expert that has been advising companies and executives for many years. Cornelsen has led many different people to the road of financial freedom. He turned many of his clients on to the concept of investing in damaged stock as opposed to damaged companies. Damaged stock is cheap to purchase and will always turn a profit for its investor over enough time. Damaged companies however bring a number of problems and can be a financial drain.

Igor Cornelsen began his career in the banking industry. He was a member of Bainbridge Inc and served in many high-ranking positions. Cornelsen fine tuned his skills in this arena and developed a great passion for seeing his clients make a profit. He retired to South Florida. However, Igor continues to make investments as a hobby.

There are a number of different ways to get involved with investing. New investors must be aware of the investment vehicle that they’re getting themselves involved in. Careful study will help them understand the different nuances of the operation and save a great deal of money.

There’s always risk involved with investing money. Studying the details of a particular market will reduce this risks and raise the potential of earning revenue. Investors must always be on the lookout for a stock that is not producing. Investments that are not making money should be let go of immediately.

Another way to minimize risks in investing is to build a diverse portfolio. A diverse portfolio is one that is mixed with risky investments along with solid investments. A skilled financial planner will be able to give the proper advice for investors who are looking to build an extremely diverse portfolio. Once confidence is established new investors can then conduct certain investments on their own.

Igor Cornelsen believes in investing very early in a career. It is important to start having income earn a profit as soon as possible. The money will come in handy for emergencies and help sustain a healthy financial future.

William Saito: Tips to Tech Entrepreneurs

When William Saito was in grade school, he was already learning to program computers. Then he finished high school after only three years, which allowed him to start college early. So, it figures that he would one day be CEO of a tech company which he ran out of his college dorm. That’s Mr. Saito’s story according to his book, “ An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.”


The book gives a full account of the challenges faced by this brilliant tech entrepreneur who was able to create a company from scratch and sell it to Microsoft. The lessons he learned during those days going back to the 1980’s is what Saito wants to share with the tech entrepreneurs of today.


The principles which he followed are straightforward. For instance, young William built his business around his natural curiosity. From an early age, the young son of Japanese immigrants loved to tinker with things. Eventually, he found himself dismantling computer programs. That is how he developed a profound understanding of how a computer could be encrypted and made more secure. His company I/O, Inc. was a computer encryption company.


Mr. Saito gives the example of how you can’t do it alone. He relied on the help of his friends to create the impression that I/O was a much more significant operation than it was. Without their assistance NEC, one of his early customers might have written him off. Sometimes in tech, you have to fake it until you make it. Even if you are starting out in your garage or basement remember to project a can-do image to your customers.

William Saito seemed never to doubt his ability to succeed. He suggests that the reason for this may be cultural. In the West, there is a tendency to look at failure as a stepping stone to success. In Japanese culture failure is unacceptable. According to Mr. Saito, in Asian culture, you will do whatever it takes not to fail. Tech entrepreneurs may want to push themselves a little harder. It could make all the difference.


Finally, Mr. Saito understands that you need a capable partner. Sometimes all you may have is a million dollar idea. Without input from a reliable partner like Sony, I/O would have never become what it grew to be. The rest is history as they say.




Drew Madden is one-man army of healthcare cost reform

It’s certainly no secret to anyone who follows the American healthcare system that healthcare costs around the country are spiraling out of control. This is already putting immense strain on the overall economy. But without a solution, it will eventually start eating deep into the quality of care that the country can provide as well as the long-term economic viability of the government itself. There is simply no way that the country can continue on its present course of ever-increasing healthcare costs that outpace inflation by huge margins.

Drew Madden is one of the healthcare industry’s foremost voices for reform. Having spent more than 20 years in the healthcare IT field, Madden has gotten a front-row seat to the period of greatest cost inflation in the history of U.S. medicine. His on-the-ground knowledge of how healthcare practices actually work and the types of inefficiencies that afflict them has given him a number of concrete ideas with regards to the improvement of the system as a whole.

In a recent interview, Madden mentioned a few of the most pressing concerns that have conspired both to drive costs through the roof while simultaneously reducing the overall quality of care and patient outcomes. One of the problems that Madden discusses is the low levels of interoperability between healthcare systems. This is best illustrated by the non-universality of electronic hospital records, but the problem extends to many areas of the U.S. healthcare system.

Madden says that in any country the size of the United States, it is absolutely imperative for the national healthcare system to have strict protocols that ensure the interoperability of healthcare networks. As an example, he says that someone from Minnesota who develops heart trouble in California may have to undergo a battery of tests that had already been completed back in the patient’s hometown. This is a huge unnecessary redundancy that can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Madden says that making healthcare records universally available and cross-compatible throughout all of the nation’s healthcare networks is the key means to combat this.

Madden says that while correcting the problem will be hard, the alternative is a broken healthcare system.


Paul Mampilly – Investment Expert And Publisher

Paul Mampilly was born in India then came to the United States at a young age. He attended Fordham University in New York, and graduated in 1966 with a Master’s in Business Education degree. He started working for Bankers Trust, as an assistant manager, was sought after by many well-known companies then worked for many legal firms and billion dollar companies. He became an accomplished investor and leading authority in financial world, due to his savvy investment experiences.

As time went on, due to the many tireless hours of working and making money for the rich, Paul Mampilly didn’t want to work in this type of environment anymore. He wanted more time with family and to help ordinary, not so “well-off “ people, learn how to invest money the best way they could. He began this undertaking by teaching own children, at early ages, about investing and learning about stocks. In teaching them, he realized how they had become more knowledgeable than most adults.

Paul Mampilly writes many publications and actually practices his explanation processes to his children before he puts his thoughts down on paper. In one article, he wrote about a futuristic idea called the “internet of things.” This involves internet use and connecting people with one another by using technologies such as sensors, cameras, smart appliances and fitness trackers. Many people are responding to this new technology because of his publications.

Since 2016, Paul Mampilly has lived and worked in Delray, Florida at Banyan Hill Publishing Company, where he publishes numerous newsletters, giving investment tips and advice to readers. A popular publication he writes is “Mampilly’s newsletter Profits Unlimited,” an eight page monthly newsletter that recommends different stocks and new ways for people to invest. Over ninety thousand people read his publication each month. He also writes articles for a daily email, “Winning Investor Daily” and is head of Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum, two trading services.

Paul Mampilly’s passion continues to be to help those less fortunate expand their earnings, as well as protect them, and to motivate people in business.

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Keeping Your TeenSafe From Predators

Our children have unlimited access to everything on the internet through their smart phones. An article titled “TeenSafe Control app created to help keep your kids protected” was featured on the CBS news website to explore this issue. The article addressed the fears of two parents who struggle to maintain control over the use and viewing content of their children’s smartphones. It is a common problem in modern society. The parents were given an opportunity to try the TeenSafe Control app to manage these issues and found it was able to effectively deal with many of their issues.


TeenSafe is a software program that can help parents navigate their children’s extensive use of social media and smartphones. The article highlights the many benefits of using the TeenSafe Control app. The parents were able to block dangerous apps and protect their children. Potentially dangerous and inappropriate apps on the internet are a dilemma for most parents. These apps should not be accessed by children.


Parents want their children to have use of a smartphone but are leery of the dangers. The TeenSafe Control feature solves this problem by allowing parents to block those apps. For example, Snapchat added a new feature on their app called Snap Map. This feature can create potentially dangerous situations by allowing others to see the exact location of a user that sent a snap. There are many predators online that could take advantage of this information.


Parents can also freeze their child’s smartphone for a certain timeframe. This is ideal for parents who are concerned about their teenagers using their phones while driving. The TeenSafe Control app prevents your teen from texting while driving. The phone can still be used for incoming and outgoing calls during this period.


Children are immature and vulnerable to predators. Their judgment and decision-making skills are not developed, and they often make bad decisions with their phones. TeenSafe is a helpful tool for parents trying to raise their children in a safe environment. We live in a digital world that is constantly changing and upgrading. TeenSafe provides the latest tools to tackle online safety issues in ever-changing times.


IC Systems Has Been Managing Accounts Receivables For 80 Years

IC Systems was founded in 1938, and this year it proudly celebrates 80 years in business. It is a family run business, and it was originally founded by Jack and Ruth Erickson. For many of those years, the company was located in Saint Paul, MN until the offices were moved to Vadnais Heights in 1982.


The company manages accounts receivables for their clients. The husband and wife team started with only a few clients in the early days. They worked together building the business until 1952, when Jack passed away. Ruth Erickson then became the driving force in her commitment to continuing the business. The company had grown over the years due to their hard work and commitment. She became the President of IC Systems after her husband’s death. The company handles the collection activities for past due accounts. Ruth Erickson was determined to lead the company as it had always been run in terms of offering the highest level of ethical and honest business standards. She never wavered from her core values, and the company was thriving under her leadership.


IC Systems is one of the leaders in the accounts receivable industry today. The company utilizes state of the art equipment and software that is crucial in the function of result driven collection activities. They are known as innovators in the industry, and they were amongst the first to computerize their accounts receivable business. The collection efforts are handled by fully trained representatives who know how to get the job done with integrity. From the moment a collection letter or call is initiated, the company is bound by rigorous industry standards and their own.


Today it is the son of Jack and Ruth, John Ericsson, Jr. who leads the family business as capably as his parents did before him. The family commitment to the community of being the trusted name in accounts receivables management remains as strong today as it did 80 years ago. For the third time, IC Systems was recognized for their ethical business practices as a finalist of the highly respected BBB Torch Awards for ethics.



Custom Companies Freight Shipping Rates

Custom companies are among the best freight carries in the operations for offering unbeatable freight and shipment rates. They are LTL and truckload carries operating in more than fifty states and Canada. They have two primary hubs based in Chicago and Los Angeles. Custom companies provide for freight services at an affordable cost, which competes well with other services providers in the area and proximity. Therefore, if you want to ship items say, from Seattle to San Francisco, custom companies can be an ideal option as they can offer great freight quotes that can be found nowhere else.


Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst


At times shipping is a demanding task that needs a lot of attention. In the ideal world, you might accidentally slap a brittle sticker on freight and be sure that it will get to its destiny unscathed-but this is not always the case. With much freight to move and approaching deadlines to beat, shippers can at times damage the items on shipment inadvertently. To this end, it is recommended that a shipper invest considerably on the most shared freight items like the wooden crates or even cardboard. This way, the shipper will be sure to save money and time in case any damage occurs on shipment course. Therefore, custom companies advocate that it is better to invest in these reusable shipping items rather than risking the outcome of the freight.




When it comes to freight shipments, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. For instance, when shipping electronics, you will be required to use freight materials, which are different from what might be necessary to ship some furniture. Similarly, other items will need weatherproof measures to protect them from harsh weather, while others will have to be protected from pressure changes. For you to determine the most appropriate item to use for exterior and interior shipping containers, considering the following aspect is vital.


The shipment Sensitivity: this covers for the fragility of the items in transit as well as the condition of other external factors like dust or even rain. To this end, it is vital that you figure out the extent to, which your items can stand harsh conditions for competent selection of the shipping assistant.


Why You Should Invest in Commercial Real Estate by Chris Linkas

It is factual that many investors purchase single-family houses followed multiple homes as rentals. While this is a logic business idea, it comes with a lot of challenges that the same investors should be aware of. For most real estate investors, however, the idea seems lucrative, and it is easy to maneuver. However, there are different market shifts in this business, and it is crucial for people to understand the business. Other than owning a home being attractive, it is also factual that time and different economic situations can influence the growth of the business. Nevertheless, investors seeking a diversified approach to this business can bank on their ability to balance in real estate investing. Also, they can rethink a successful strategy that will help them accomplish their objectives. As Chris Linkas puts it, owning home rentals has its shortcomings;


  • An Unsustainable Cash Flow


If you are working with a mortgage lender, then you are purchasing with debt. As a rental homeowner, you should know that single-family rentals offer little to no reliable cash flow. Investors can justify this by acknowledging their ability to make mid-term bets on the market. This means that they focus on the appreciation of the market.


  • Too Risky for the Common Investor


Owning a single-family rental needs the investor to always assume over 100 percent equity through taking a debt. Even though this sounds substantial to some extent, the risk is often overlooked by investors. On the other side, a rental owner might be exposed to more risks compared to their initial investment.


  • Property Management


When it comes to property management, single rental homeowners can either manage the home’s single-handedly or employ someone to handle it. Either way, they will have to pay for the services.


Far from owing single rentals, Chris Linkas advices entrepreneurs to look into commercial real estate where the risks are pretty manageable since it all depends on the different market shifts in the economy. Other than that, it is pretty easy to manage the commercial property as people can always invest in the business as a team.


Who is Chris Linkas?


Chris Linkas is an investment expert specializing in opportunistic investment. He has been working in different sectors for about 20 years and has the qualifications to offer investment advice.


Dr. Dov Rand: Treating Ailments of Aging With Specific Success in ED

Dr. Dov Rand is making waves in the medical community with his new approach to an issue as old as time: erectile dysfunction. More common than some may think, erectile dysfunction affects approximately half of all men at some point in their lives. Extensive research and new techniques have allowed Dr. Dov Rand to help individuals who previously were unsuccessful in being treated previously.


Causes of erectile dysfunction vary widely in terms of their onset, but as a general rule the issue most frequently comes around to the vascular system. This is actually a positive thing for men who are affected in this manner, as there are many things that can be done to assist in the improvement of the vascular system.


One of the most straightforward approaches to improving vascular health begins with an initiation of or an increase in cardiovascular exercise such as swimming, biking, jogging, or dancing that maintains an elevated heart rate. Dr. Dov Rand is careful to take his time getting to know each of his patients through a thorough office visit so that he is able to best recommend in what order to begin treatment.


Medication is often helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as well. While Dr. Rand clearly acknowledges that these medications often do not correct the underlying problem, he does see the value in utilizing them to correct the issue while continuing to press into alleviating the underlying problem whenever possible.


Dr. Dov Rand is involved in far more than libido issues, though his successes in that department can certainly not be overlooked. His expertise in working with the aging led him to open his own Healthy Aging Medical Centers where a wide variety of items associated with aging are dealt with in an open, honest, and dignified manner. Instead of merely providing the aging with a quick in and out office visit and numerous pills for each of their various conditions, Dr. Dov Rand takes a more holistic approach. His methods include the utilization of diet and exercise, physical therapy and hormone adjustments.


Stansberry Research: Producing Business Articles for the Public

Stansberry Research is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to business newsletters and similar articles. The company is known for their accurate insight about the economy of the United States, and the advantages in investing in the country. Stansberry Research produces periodicals and software programs that are helping a lot of business owners around the world. Being the top company on their field, the Stansberry Research is making sure that their products and services are being delivered effectively to the public, and they are assuring their clients that their information would always be reliable. Millions of customers, especially those who run their businesses, rely on their publications when forecasting the current trend of the country’s economy. For those who are staying online, the Stansberry Research runs their website which can be accessed by anyone around the world. These online articles are the same as its published counterpart, and according to the company, putting their articles online would reach and help more people.


The Stansberry Research relies on two core principles, and they are proud to say that it helped them succeed in the business. According to their core principles, the company should always deliver the truth, and they will never tolerate any biases. The second core principal states that they would keep their articles and publications in a style that can be read by everyone, limiting the use of business jargons so that the general public reading their articles could relate. Because of their business principles, the company managed to become the leading publisher of business-related articles, and they are the one people consult when they wanted to learn something about the economy.


To avoid any biases, the Stansberry Research is also encouraging their writers to consult all of the parties involved when they are writing the article. They would not want to be suspected on taking sides when writing an article about the country’s economic status. Another reason why many people are reading the newsletters and publications from the company is that they are inspired to enter the world of investment, taking down notes on how to be successful in the industry.