Innovacare and Puerto Rico are Going to Help Each other to Weather the Storm

Innovacare and the territory of Puerto Rico are working together to overcome the current healthcare crises that has engulfed the island. The commonwealth’s medical situation wasn’t that great before Hurricane Maria struck in 2017. Now, in its aftermath it is much worse. Puerto Rico is trying to figure out how it can overcome the problems that it is now experiencing.


Rick Shinto the CEO of Innovacare has been extremely busy over the past 9 months. He has been trying to figure out different approaches that can be used to help Puerto Rico out of his problems. He established humanitarian efforts to get the people through this hard time. He has also started fundraising efforts through Innovacare to get funding down to the island.


Innovacare has also implemented medical tents to help the people and they set up makeshift clinics in various parts of the nation. These makeshift medical facilities have helped to keep back more incidents of sickness and even death. Innovacare is also busy with talking to the government about improving the healthcare situation on the island.


Penelope Kokkinides who is the CAO of the organization has even spoken with President Trump about receiving more aid by reversing cuts to the commonwealth’s healthcare system. She informed him that this is the only real way that Puerto Rico’s health care system is going to recover. Innovacare has also helped people with food, clothing and other basic necessities through their humanitarian efforts. The organization has even saved lives by providing medical personnel to the people since this situation first started.


Caminamos Juntos is the name of Innovacare’s Health overall effort to relieve Puerto Rico of its current condition. Rick Shinto decided on this name because it means “we walk together” in Spanish. Shinto knows that its going to be a long walk to Innovacare’s recovery. He and the members of his company are prepared to make this journey together with the people of Puerto Rico. The people of Puerto Rico are truly grateful for Innovacare’s effort and they enjoy weathering the storm together with this organization.


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