At Rocketship Education Charter Schools, Parents Play A Big Role In Student Learning

Since 2006, Rocketship Education has been steadily building a system of schools throughout California and various other locations today to improve the quality of learning for students in grades K-5. The inspiration for Rocketship Education was the unfair conditions that many students around the state were faced with. Far too many public schools go without proper funding or care to teach their students and give them a decent learning experience. This is mainly because they come from low-income communities or the community is largely of a different racial or cultural background. This is not fair for the children who need a good education to excel and make something of themselves in the highly competitive world we are all living in today.

What makes the Rocketship Education system stand out among the rest of the schooling systems in the country is not just the quality of education they aim to provide, but the principles they try to instill into students as well as parents. Rocketship is a powerful advocate for parent involvement in every student learning, as it is one of the strongest motivators. Most young children want the attention and approval of their parents, and with the right involvement and communication, Rocketship Education public charter schools are providing this to their students. Parents actually do home meets with teachers in order to become acquainted and build a level of familiarity to help students at home and in school.

Rocketship Education isn’t just all talk either, they have the evidence of their effectiveness. Students at Rocketship schools perform very well in the educational system, with some of the best test scores in the country today in math and reading. More than 20 thousand students come to Rocketship Education public charter schools each year, and this number stands to increase over the next few years as Rocketship expands into new states to give more underprivileged students a good education.

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