HCR Wealth Advisors Helps People with ‘Sandwiched’ Finances

Everyone needs to make sure that they have enough money to live in life. Sometimes, people have to depend on people who are their relatives or loved ones just to make ends meet. This is the type of action that many children, young adults, and seniors take in life. Most people do not want another person supporting them. However, situations of dependence sometimes happen due to factors beyond a person’s control.


Middle aged adults between the ages of 30 and 55 are considered the highest earning wage group in the country. These individuals typically are settled into their careers, have savings put aside and typically have a surplus of cash they can use to cover many extra expenses. As a result, this age group is often called upon to support their children and their parents when they fall on hard times. Truth be told, this is something that is expected of them.


The term “sandwich generation” is used to define any middle-aged person who has to take care of their children while taking care of their parents at the same time. People who come from the sandwich generation need to make sure that their finances are in order and that they are strong enough to handle the extra stress of senior adults, young children or their young adult kids who are not able to move out on their own.


The independent advisors at HCR Wealth encourage the sandwich generation members to stay committed to their retirement funds. They want middle age people to understand that they first must maintain and/or increase their finances before they can help the people around them. Sooner or later everyone must retire. When they do, they should have enough money coming in to ensure that they can adequately support themselves and the people they love—if that need arises.


HCR Wealth Advisors is registered investment advisory firm that can develop a financial strategy for clients that is practical to implement within their current lifestyle. They can also help sandwich generation people to protect their finances from risky investments and to improve their ventures with greater returns.

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What Sets AvaTrade Review Above the Rest?

Sometimes, life can give you lemons. When you go to the AvaTrade Forex broker, you can turn those lemons into lemonade. Learn why AvaTrade Review leaves others in the dust.


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Ryan Seacrest’s Secret to Success May Surprise You

Ryan Seacrest is more than radio and television personality. He is an industry. When recently asked the number of jobs Seacrest held currently, it took him a minute to answer. He said he has three radio shows, including “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”, his clothing line and the Seacrest Foundation. His final tally, including American Idol and the New Year’s Eve show would be about 10 gigs.

Seacrest Loves to Entertain People and Provide them a Slice of Escapism.

You would never know he is juggling so many projects. Seacrest manages to successfully complete every one of them with ease. It is not because he loves to work. He loves bringing joy into people’s lives.

Born in December 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia, Seacrest knew at an early age he was meant to entertain and inform people. In fact, his mother once told their hometown newspaper that Seacrest didn’t play with G.I. Joes. Instead, he would always have a microphone and put on shows at the house.

His Secret to Successfully Completely Projects May Surprise You.

Seacrest considers one of his most exciting moments in his life, his big industry break. He was just 16-year-old in Atlanta when it happened. He was able to be on the radio at that age. However, he admits his big career break occurred when he was hired for American Idol.

What is his secret to completely all his projects flawlessly? According to Seacrest, he owes his impatience. He said it is one of the reasons he manages to get stuff done. He likes to get things quickly done. He’s so busy trying to keep on top of all his daily projects that he doesn’t have time for lunch. In fact, he has not had a lunch meeting for 10 years.

As busy as Seacrest is, you would think that someone else manages his email and responds to them. Maybe you assume that he has a cluttered email inbox. If you think that, you’d be wrong. He does immediately reply to emails. Seacrest is intent on making sure every email is ready and replied to within 30 minutes of receiving them.

Learn more about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation here.

James Larkin’s contribution to Irish labor laws

James Larkin was born in January 1876. He is a native of Liverpool, England. He was brought up in the slums of Liverpool where there was little regarding education. To fend for his family and put food on the table, he worked some manual jobs. He landed a job as the controller of the Liverpool docks. James became an activist for the Irish laborers. He established the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union which later grew to be the largest union in all of Ireland. He then joined the National Union of Dock Laborers in 1905 where he became a trade union organizer.

James Larkin was skilled in militant strike methods which he meant to use in the trade union. Due to this, he was relocated to Dublin in 1907. This pushed him to create the Irish Transport and General Worker’ Association. He established the union to fight for the welfare of all Irish industrial workers under one banner.

James Larkin partnered with James Connolly to establish the Irish Labor Party in 1912. He led multiple strikes. In 1913, Dublin Lockout where workers boycotted work for over seven months. This was because unskilled workers in Dunlin had few rights. This was a fight that the workers emerged victoriously. James Larkin’s leadership skill earned him the respect of on Constance Markevicz who saw the potential for greatness in the lad. The union never used violence in their strikes. He knew that he could not grow a mass trade union by destroying the organizations where his union members worked. Although the Irish press was against his work, he had support from many people including Patrick Pearse, William Butler Yeats among others.

James Larkin led massive anti-war protests in Dublin on the onset of World War 1. He was falsely accused of perpetrating criminal activities and anarchy in 1920. This managed to get him deported back to his home country where he settled down and fostered a family. James Larkin died of natural causes on January 30, 1947.

Securus Technologies Completes 18-month Drone Detection Testing

Dallas-based Securus Technologies announced in early 2018 that they have completed an 18-month drone detection pilot program. The pilot program was deemed a success and the company will continue to fine-tune the technology that will assist the law enforcement and corrections communities.


Over the past several years corrections officials have seen a large increase of contraband being introduced to their facilities by pilotless drones. As criminals are becoming more technologically savvy, prison officials are fighting back with technology of their own. The drone detection technology uses the DAS (Digital Antenna Structure) already in place with the company’s Wireless Containment Solution.


Securus Technologies has been in the news in recent weeks for their outstanding customer service. In February of 2018 the company received three Stevie Awards at the annual awards show held in Las Vegas. The Stevie awards are the world’s top honors for sales and customer service. Securus operates a state-of-the-art call center that employees around 300 employees.


Securus Technologies is a holding company that wholly owns over 20 technology-based companies that provide services to corrections facilities and government agencies in North America. They serve over 3,500 agencies and over 1.2 million inmates. Services provided include incident management, parolee tracking, payment processing, biometric services, phone and email self-service, and others. The company was founded in 1986 by a former law enforcement officer and is dedicated to making the world a safer place to live.