The World-wide Threat of Nuclear War

The threat of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction has caused a worldwide panic, especially now with the prospect of North Korea having access to such devices of its own.

While the focus has definitely been moved to what is happening in East Asia, there is still the same threat looming over the Middle East. The state of Iran has been busy working on developing its own nuclear program, one that they have admitted before in past news broadcasts would allow them to remove Israel from the face of the Earth.

Even with this confession on film the world is still doing very little to stop Iran’s nuclear dreams from coming true. It will take Israel and her allies to put a stop to these machinations, and the one man who may end up becoming the key to this is Daniel Taub.

Daniel Taub is an ambassador for Israel who has just recently completed a very successful run stationed in the United Kingdom. It was during his time in the UK that Daniel Taub was able to make a massive international trade deal with the British Isles, one that is over double what it had been in past years.

After completing this life-changing negotiation Taub returned to the Middle East where he has managed to increase relations with both Egypt and Jordan, two countries who, until this point in time, were mortal enemies of Israel.

While the situation with Iran is dire, and there does not seem to be any sort of agreement on the horizon, Daniel Taub has decided to make it his personal mission to do what he can to adjust world attitudes about Iran and to blockade their attempts on every form so that he can safeguard his own country and his people.

It is uncertain how Daniel Taub will reach his ultimate goal at making the Iranian nuclear program grind to a halt. Direct negotiations with Iran in the past has completely failed, with deep seeded hatred and pride mainly to blame.

If deals can be made with members of the United Nations there is no reason to believe that heavy sanctions or even embargoes are out of the question. All Taub really needs to do is help cast the die that will lead to positive change. He has made leaps and bounds with other Muslim nations, why would Iran be any different?

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