Utilizing The Software Platform With NGP VAN

Behind the scenes of just about every campaign in the United States are ran by NGP Van’s software in order for compliance operations, volunteers, and voter contacts to run smoothly, in all states within the USA. The digital end of things is how everything collaborates, and makes it possible for organizations with fundraising goals to meet those deadlines utilizing the software of NGP VAN. When it comes to being a nonprofit, and a Democratic campaign, these organizations rely on NGP VAN for an integrated platform, creating a possibility for the organizations to expand, with the way social networking products are revolutionizing today.

The use of the software that is available through NGP VAN plays a major role in how leaders are elected, and assist with getting relevant issues heard on a larger scale. Whether you are a small organization, or a supporter, the whole intention of the platform that they possess, empowers individuals on a grand scale, with their affordable prices, and tools that are a game changer. NGP VAN gives some very important tips on how campaigns and consulting firms can be strengthened, and how being organized is so vital for success, towards the end of a quarter. Keeping up with the growth of an organizations social media’s presence can be a very valuable factor to gain even more supporters for your cause or election.

When people on the outside feel as if they are part of your movement then it ultimately benefits everyone involved, by showing how close you are to setting the goals you put in place. In this case people will feel more comfortable in donating higher funds, and will talk amongst others on how positive your campaign is.

After a job well done meeting all your goals at the end of the quarter, NGP VAN mentions to collaborate a team bonding activity by celebrating all their success that worked so how far, because of being so prepared in advance.

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Bruno Fagali Is Well Known For Providing Excellent Legal Representation

Bruno Fagali is a highly reliable and reputable lawyer in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has been providing superior advice and legal representation for years and has earned a great name in Brazil. If you are dealing with a case that involves administrative law, ethics, regulatory law or compliance, you’ll need to contact Bruno Fagali for assistance.

Hiring a lawyer to represent you, involves several steps. First, research several lawyers in your area. Once you have several potential lawyers, set up an appointment to discuss the matter you’re dealing with.

It is always a good idea to discuss fees and associated costs when you meet with the lawyer the first time. And before signing the retainer, make sure you have everything in writing. Read the fee agreement and the retainer, and be sure you understand what you’re signing.

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In complex matters, a lawyer might charge clients on a contingency basis. This means that the lawyer gets paid when the case settles. If you won’t win your case you don’t pay the lawyer. For this reason, an attorney will likely only agree to a contingency fee basis if he strongly believes the client has a very strong case.

It is extremely important to choose a lawyer who practices quality and excellence in his work.

Bruno Fagali is well known for rendering excellent representation to clients. He has numerous clients, including business and individual clients. Bruno Fagali is committed to providing high quality advice and legal solutions.

Representing his clients with passion, Bruno Fagali takes the time to understand what his clients are going through, and how to meet their needs. Attorney Bruno Fagali possesses exceptional creativity as well as problem-solving skills, and he continually seeks the most efficient ways to resolve his clients’ legal matters.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a co-founder of Fagali advocacy. Bruno attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo in between 2004-2009, where he attained his degree in law.

Find more about Bruno Fagali: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/128648/bruno-fagali-da-agencia-novasb-fala-sobre-o-premio-pro-etica-organizado-pela-cgu-e-pelo-instituto-ethos

Jeremy Goldstein Advice on How to Manage Workplace Incentives

Navigating the complex world of workplace incentive programs can be nerve wracking to both employers and employees. For this reason, drawing the fine line often requires sound management and expertise. New York City lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in incentives and performance based pay programs. According to the NYC Inquirer, Jeremy’s executive work experience has seen him serve in companies like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. Earnings Per Share (EPS is a positive program that is hugely rewarding if handled appropriately. For the shareholder, who regularly benefit from selling and buying company shares, EPS is a potent influencer of the share price. In some workplaces, employers use the EPS as an added incentive given on top of the employees pay. The strategy here is to enhance productivity and make the company successful.


In spite of its numerous benefits, business dynamics, from competition to restructured trading practices can either boost or erode the company’s bottom line. Opponents of EPS believe it can cause undesirable effects such as favoritism in the workplace. In some cases, company executives may also be forced to skew results in order to drive the sale of shares, a fact that can lead to misleading pronouncements and serious illegalities. In his wisdom, Jeremy has come up with a compromise solution that conjures both the pros and cons of EPS. He suggests that instead of hastily eliminating workplace incentives like pay per performance, CEO and company executives be held accountable for every action they take. Secondly, the pay per performance incentive be measured against long term company performance to ensure more sustainable growth and steady share performance.


About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy is a Founding partner of the NYC based boutique law firm, Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, LLC. According to Ali Baba, the law firm offers compensation and governance advice to management teams, CEO’s and compensation committees. The highly decorated attorney holds a JD from the New York University School of Law. His academic sojourn saw him study for his MS and BA at the University of Chicago and Cornell University respectively. Before becoming a partner at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, Jeremy served at Watchtell, Lipton, Rose and Katz law firm as a partner. Learn more: http://www.whitepages.com/business/jeremy-l-goldstein-associates-llc-greenwich-ct


Some of the corporate clients he has advised over the years include Dow Chemical, Merck, Duke Energy and Verizon Wireless. His name is firmly edged on publications like The Legal 500 that regularly discuss executive compensation and corporate governance issues. In terms of association, Jeremy is a member and regular contributor of several organizations, including the Fountain House, the American Bar Association Business Section and the NYU Journal of Law and Business. At the American Bar Association, Jeremy is also the Chair of the Merger and Acquisition Subcommittee.


Jeremy Goldstein

The World-wide Threat of Nuclear War

The threat of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction has caused a worldwide panic, especially now with the prospect of North Korea having access to such devices of its own.

While the focus has definitely been moved to what is happening in East Asia, there is still the same threat looming over the Middle East. The state of Iran has been busy working on developing its own nuclear program, one that they have admitted before in past news broadcasts would allow them to remove Israel from the face of the Earth.

Even with this confession on film the world is still doing very little to stop Iran’s nuclear dreams from coming true. It will take Israel and her allies to put a stop to these machinations, and the one man who may end up becoming the key to this is Daniel Taub.

Daniel Taub is an ambassador for Israel who has just recently completed a very successful run stationed in the United Kingdom. It was during his time in the UK that Daniel Taub was able to make a massive international trade deal with the British Isles, one that is over double what it had been in past years.

After completing this life-changing negotiation Taub returned to the Middle East where he has managed to increase relations with both Egypt and Jordan, two countries who, until this point in time, were mortal enemies of Israel.

While the situation with Iran is dire, and there does not seem to be any sort of agreement on the horizon, Daniel Taub has decided to make it his personal mission to do what he can to adjust world attitudes about Iran and to blockade their attempts on every form so that he can safeguard his own country and his people.

It is uncertain how Daniel Taub will reach his ultimate goal at making the Iranian nuclear program grind to a halt. Direct negotiations with Iran in the past has completely failed, with deep seeded hatred and pride mainly to blame.

If deals can be made with members of the United Nations there is no reason to believe that heavy sanctions or even embargoes are out of the question. All Taub really needs to do is help cast the die that will lead to positive change. He has made leaps and bounds with other Muslim nations, why would Iran be any different?

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Tony Petrello’s Life As A Philanthropist

Tony Petrello is from Newark, New Jersey and has had a share of challenges in life. For example, his daughter was born prematurely. As if that was not bad enough, she was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, which is a common disorder in premature babies. The disease is as a result of oxygen deprivation to the brain. Carena, Tony’s daughter, was only 20 ounces at birth, and since her brain failed to get enough supply of oxygen, she developed cerebral palsy.

Looking for a Divine Remedy
This ordeal led Tony and his wife Cynthia to search for a cure for their daughter’s illness. No parent expects to get a baby with problems, especially at birth. This was a humbling experience for both of them, and they found themselves on their knees pleading for a miracle.

Tony Petrello Oil Career
Despite the fact that Tony Petrello has two mathematics degrees from Yale University and another one in law from Harvard, he chose to get into the oil business. He could have easily made a great mathematics professor or a lawyer, but he followed his heart. Currently, he holds the position of the Nabors Industries’ CEO.

Although Tony has no experience working on an oil rig, he proudly leads a company that has 500 of them in more than 20 countries. His company has more drilling rigs than any other globally. Tony’s leadership at Nabors has seen its share price go up 180%.

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His Philanthropic Works
In remembrance of his dear friend who was a mathematics professor, he donated $150,000 to his alma mater. He also promised to match any donation that other former students made. Tony also supports the neurological research center at the Texas Hospital. His help to the victims of Hurricane Harvey cannot go unmentioned.

Tony Petrello’s Social Life
Tony Petrello is not all work and no play. This philanthropist goes beyond helping the needy. He has had the pleasure of hosting one of Texas’ legends. Tommy Tune, a multi-talented artist, was hosted by Tony and Cynthia in their home. He was born and raised in Houston before relocating to New York where he lives. Although he no longer lives in Houston, Tommy loves to visit his hometown and perform for his fans. On one occasion, more than 5,000 fans attended his performance, which took place at the Miller Outdoor Theater.

Unlike many wealthy people who don’t have time for the poor, Tony has a loving soul that goes out to everyone. He believes that his daughter will one day get cured and live a normal life just like any other child. Tony is the true definition of a philanthropist.

Source: https://www.broadwayworld.com/houston/article/Tony-Petrello-Welcomes-Tommy-Tune-Home-To-Houston-20180104

Meet Ian King, The Crypto Specialist

With more than two decades in market analysis and the making of exceptional trade projects, Ian King is not only an entrepreneur but a famous cryptocurrency dealer. As enthusiastic as he is, he happily shares this expertise with Banyan Hill Publishing. His role includes laying out strategies on how others, with the appropriate marketing systems, can reap the benefits of crypto trading.

He studied psychology at Lafayette College, and before joining Banyan Hill Publishing 2017, he worked at Salomon Brothers and later joined Citigroup. He was also the lead merchant for Peahi Capital for ten years. View Related Info Here.

His work experience is what sparked his interest in cryptocurrencies. His focus is on cryptocorns. You may be well aware of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which has boomed over the years, and Litecoin, Monero, Ripple or Ethereum. However, the game is changing, and there is the introduction of a new cryptocurrency known as cryptocorn.

It is a startup with a valuation of $1 billion, which, according to Ian King is one of the cryptocurrencies that is attracting more investors. He owes this to the fact that non-traditional innovators are yearning to invest in these types blockchain novelties.

Commenting on the arrival of Cryptocorns, he states that the demand for the blockchain technologies employed by many companies has a small supply. As a result, there is an influx of investors doing their best to gain roots in the sector, and this has led to price increases, hence the introduction of a new unicorn, cryptocorn.

In his article, Bitcoin: The End of the Beginning, he outlines that despite the stretch in its trading, this year is perfect to invest in cryptocurrencies. He says that the venture, which started small has ballooned and has become a worldwide phenomenon. The crypto business has gained mainstream success, and unlike the Wall Street, it is there to stay. Governments and companies are always on the lookout for blockchain gurus. The desire is to incorporate the technology into the already existing enterprises.

Ian King is a significant contributor to cryptocurrency trading on Medium. His passion led him to develop a platform where the world can understand about this form of trading and how comfortable, secure and unstoppable it is becoming. He believes that the time for building trust on digital money is here. Dealing with intermediaries is no longer safe and secure, he says.

Mr King is considered an expert because of his experience and belief in the cryptocurrency world. His years of analyzing the financial markets and among the lead contributors of the topic in Investopedia, he is worth paying attention to. More info can be found at https://plus.google.com/u/0/101885735581062983847


Betsy DeVos Calls for Change on Campus in Sweeping Analysis of Educational System

Betsy DeVos is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting picks that Donald Trump has made during the assembling of his administration. DeVos, a prominent philanthropist, and school-choice advocate, was brought into Washington D.C. in order to head the Department of Education while operating as the Secretary of Education. DeVos has had her ups and downs so far during the early portion of her career in Washington D.C. but now she is starting to really define herself and shine on a variety of different topics in a variety of different ways. Most recently, DeVos took center stage in an analysis and deconstruction of two problems plaguing American school campuses: gun violence and censorship.


Betsy DeVos sided with prominent Democratic members of Congress when they decided to call for a sincere and honest discussion surrounding gun control after 17 children were shot and killed at a school in Florida. The shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School which is located in Parkland, FL. The tragedy immediately sparked a discussion surrounding what is going on in education, why guns and mass shooting seems to be so prevalent in the school system, and what can be done to try and change the future.


Using her pulpit, Betsy DeVos took center stage in order to prompt a real discussion during an interview with Hugh Hewitt on a conservative radio station. DeVos pointed to Congress saying that they need to act and hold hearings in order to address the mass shooting issue. DeVos went on to say, “We need to have a conversation at the level where lawmakers can actually impact the future.” This is a remarkable departure from traditional conservativism but it is one that is being heralded by both sides of the party divide. While change isn’t likely going to come in the near future, it’s great to see that DeVos is being proactive in trying to get something done.


On the other major issue surrounding the educational system, DeVos has decided to stand up against censorship going on within college campuses throughout the country. DeVos went on to say that she believes higher education should be an environment that is open to all ideas and opinions. DeVos is, of course, talking about how recent conservatives have been shunned or protested at college campuses around the country.


The reason that Betsy DeVos has been so active in the educational field throughout her life, before becoming the Secretary of Education, is that she has been passionate about changing how American’s approach their education. DeVos rose to fame in Michigan as a prominent Republican and devout activist for school choice. DeVos believes that the government should be limited in their intervention in the school system, thus leaving more power to the adults in charge of their children. DeVos also believes that religious institutions and secular institutions should also be treated to the same standards. Betsy DeVos is gaining fans around the conservative sphere for her forward thinking approach to education in America.


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Dr. David Samadi: Oncology Expert

Dr. David Samadi’s prognosis for Mitt Romney after a successful prostatectomy is good.

Dr. David Samadi is a board-certified surgeon at Lenox Hill Medical Center and a Fox News Health Correspondent. Mitt Romney, the former presidential nominee, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017 and shortly thereafter had surgery. He turned 70 in early 2017 and the average age at diagnosis is 66. 60% of men are 65 or older when diagnosed with prostate cancer. Mitt Romney joined 161,360 other men who were diagnosed in 2017 with prostate cancer. Colin Powell and John Kerry were also diagnosed with prostate cancer, like Romney, they chose to have surgery instead of radiation to treat their cancer as well. Romney had his surgery at UC Irvine.

The Urologist and Oncologist always discusses a patient’s options with them after diagnosis. If the cancer is contained just in the prostate, Dr. David Samadi will almost always recommend surgery over radiation. There is nearly a 100% survival rate after surgery once the cancerous tissue is contained just in the prostate. Surgery also prevents developing secondary cancer related to the effects of radiation on the body. Unfortunately, once radiation treatment has taken place it becomes much more difficult to perform the surgery safely and accurately. Once cancer spreads from the prostate the statistics are pretty grim with a less than 30% survival rate beyond five years.

Dr. David Samadi recommends any patient with prostate cancer research their surgeon before making their decision and to ask them about their experience and their outcomes of surgery. Some have better track records in important areas like sexual function and incontinence aside from the rate of cancer returning.

Dr. David Samadi is an Iranian born doctor who immigrated to Belgium and London after the Iranian Revolution before eventually settling in the United States to finish his education and start his career. In 1979, he and his younger brother were forced to leave Iran without their parents. Once they arrived in Belgium they both continued their education.

Samadi earned him M.D. at Sunny Brook University’s School of Medicine. He had earned a Bachelor’s in biochemistry with a full scholarship at Sunny Brook University as well. After college, he had a fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer in oncology and proctology and Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in radical prostatectomy. Additionally, he was trained in proctology and urology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center.